We've moved.

Ok, so needless to say, we haven't been blogging much lately. We're hoping by moving the blog to a more iPhone-upload-friendly site, you'll hear more from us. Check out the new heyrobertsons blog here:



State Fair'n it.

A very prego Mama Bird and I took Owen to the MN State Fair today. 97 degrees out. Hotter than the devil's microwave. But we still had fun munching corn, cheese curds, brats, etc.




Today was downright awesome. We took O to the playground and he went bonkers. Teeter tottering. Slides. Climbing up the slide. K is two months away from d day so it's not easy for her to pick up the Duder.



A very Smillie Summer night.

We had an awesome time tonight at the Smillies house! Owen played with Nico and Addie hard. Katie and I played hard too, tons of laughs. Love those guys.



We're back, baby.

With baby boy nĂºmero dos on the way, it's time to strike up the heyrobertsons blog again! Anybody still here?



Goodbye for now.

Hello friends and family, I have to say this will be our last post for the foreseeable future. The heyrobertsons blog has been a fun ride. To date, 373 posts spanning more than 2 years. We've shared pretty much everything about Owen/us on this site, and we hope it made you smile throughout your day when you visited.
But tonight I was telling Katie that the blog has recently felt like another chore. Not so much fun anymore. Hopefully everyone understands.
We'll be emailing a slideshow of Owen/our fam to friends and family on a regular basis (maybe monthly?) to keep all of you in the loop. Shoot us an email if you're interested in being included (heyrobertsons@mac.com).
And who knows, maybe if/when we go for baby #2, we'll fire up the blog again.
So with that, we say so long for now.

Cheers and much love,
Katie, Travis & Owen



Roadtrip to IA (then on to MO).

For our Christmas week road trip, we split the 9 hour trek up and stayed halfway in Coralville, IA. It was the perfect choice (all Katie's geniusness). Duder was in heaven at the nearby Coral Ridge Mall's indoor playground. He even took a ride on his first merry-go-round...